Graduate Events

The following Graduate Events take place each year with the help of the Chapter, BCA, House Corp, and graduate volunteers. The Chapter would like to give special thanks to all the graduates who routinely give their time and resources to making these events happen. PERGE!


Pig Dinner Homecoming and Pig Dinner

For the past few years, Pig Dinner has always been held on Homecoming Weekend so as to make planning ahead easier. The chapter has explored a number of local venues, but most recently, Pig Dinner has been held at the house with a live band and catered dinner in the front yard.

We would GREATLY appreciate your feedback on how we could make Pig Dinner better. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey on how we could encourage more graduates to return each year.

Click here for information on this year's Pig Dinner.


Foxfield and Fiji Island

Foxfield and IslandThis old tradition needs no explanation. Please email our Corresponding Secretary at about riding one of our buses and relaxing at one of the Fiji plots.

More information about Foxfield can be found here:

Safety is our number one priority, so please arrange designated drivers or ride one of our buses if you plan on attending one of these events.




Summer ReunionsSummer Reunions have become a much larger affair at the University of Virginia over the past few years. Since the House typically has quite a few brothers living in it during the summer, we usually open the house for tours and grilling during this summer event.

Please email our Corresponding Secretary at for more information.

UVA provides detailed information about Class Reunions here:

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